Your Storage Questions Answered in Bellefontaine, Ohio


When Can I Access My Unit?

Our gate is open with an access code 24 hours a day. You can access your unit any time you need to get your belongings.

What Kind of Documentation is Needed to Rent A Unit?

At All American Storage, we understand how much you value your belongings. That's why we have made it our mission to provide you with clean and secure storage units of all sizes at affordable, month-to-month rates.

Do I Need Insurance for My Stored Goods?

We insure our building, but you should check with your homeowners' insurance policy for your contents. Depending on the terms of your policy, your goods may be covered.

How Do I Lock my Unit?

We provide free locks with a storage rental.

What Size Unit Should I Rent?

You can get an idea of what size unit you will need from the following chart.

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Storage Area — Storage Facility in Bellefontaine,OH

Storage Sizes

unit size (in feet) what to store similar to
5 x 5 small furniture, dresser, boxes and small household goods closet
5 x 15 standard furnishings from a 1 bedroom apartment without appliances, plus boxes. large walk-in closet
10 x 10
10 x 15
standard furnishings from a 1 bedroom apartment with a refrigerator or washer/dryer, plus boxes. average bedroom
10 x 20
10 x 25
furnishings from an apartment or small house with appliances and boxes or a car. one-car garage
10 x 30 furnishings from a 4-5 bedroom house with appliances and boxes or a car plus furniture.
10 X 40 furnishings from a 5-6 bedroom house or business with appliances and boxes or more than one vehicle. two-car garage